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What I LOVE ABOUT THIS CHIP IS THAT IT NOW USES " ON THE FLY " SENSING. What that is when the chip checks the oxygen every few seconds so that as your generator winds up and produces more the chip will correct itself.
  Also I'm a dealer so I can burn the chip and send it with the generators. And if you sell your car the chip from me can be reburned to a different car. Where the factory chip can't.
  These chips list for $149.00 but I can sell them for $89.00 plus shipping and its covered under the factory warranty.

  When this chip works it works great , but then there are times when it does not work. So we are testing the new digital effie that takes care of 4 sensors. , They say  it works on everything .

THE VP12 chip is programable and  is the fastest chip out there, 20mhz.The VP12 is a powerful Dynamic Soft-Flasher, operating at 20 mhz with plenty of Flash Memory. Because of the faster speed and bigger size the chip can hold more maps and operate faster to communicate directly to the ECU through the OBD 2 PORT.
iNSIDE YOUR CARS ecu ARE 3 Dimensional tables  that carry values called maps.This table tells your fuel injectors exactly how much fuel to deliver at any given air temperature, density, engine speed throttle position, and other variables
Your factory setting is generic and supplies a sluggish, no surprise results that suits a wide range of drivers.
The VP12 will tune your engine maps to supply the right fuel to your injectors and  you ill gain up to 25 more HP and from 10 to 18 % better fuel economy and also less pollution.

In a rare event that you don't notice  a difference immediately, please reset the devise as indicated in the instructions and it may take as much as 130 miles for some ECU'S to accept the Volo's patched values.

The VP12 can also be reprogramed to a different engine if you sell  the car it was originally burned for.
Each chip is made special for your vehicle.

Oct 19,2011  ( up date )
We have been installing and selling the Volo Chip for 2 months and we get mixed reveiws , when it works people are very happy but some owners are seeing no change. But on the digital effie and the afr it has worked on every engine.